Billing FAQ

Find answers to some commons questions about the ITS Private Cloud Billing.

Effective May 1, 2023, the ITS Private Cloud transitioned from the advanced annual billing model to a usage-based monthly billing model. The rate increase will be implemented in a phased approach over the next three years.


How does the billing process work for the ITS Private Cloud ?

The ITS Private Cloud service follows a usage-based monthly billing model. On the first day of each month, you will receive an invoice for the previous month's daily usage. The debit memo or invoice will include a breakdown of the services utilized, along with the corresponding charges and will be delivered via email to the Billing Contact, Business Officer (if any), and/or “review” contacts.

What factors determine the cost of my ITS Private Cloud usage?

The cost is determined by several factors, including the type (SSD or HDD) and amount of storage space provisioned, CPU provisioned and virtual Memory provisioned of each Virtual Machine in your inventory.

More information about resource pricing can be found here or use or new Virtual Machine Cost Calculator.

What additional services are included in my ITS Private Cloud bill?

As of May 1, 2023, the Systems and Solutions Group, SSG (formerly known as Systems Infrastructure) joined the ITS Private Cloud Billing System as step towards our goal of providing a Unified Bill for ITS Private Cloud related services. The service provided by SSG will be listed as an additional line item as System Support.

For billing inquiries with respect to SSG Managed System Support service, please contact

What happens when I receive my bill?

Partners with FIS codes will be charged automatically one week after receiving the debit memo. This allows any amendments to FIS codes, contact, or bill clarifications.

Partners without FIS codes will receive an invoice payable by cheque.

I am a Business Officer or Billing Contact, how can I access previous bills or update FIS codes?

You can find your bills on the ITS Private Cloud Billing Portal (UTOR Weblogin required). The Billing Portal allows you to view a list of Clients where you are either the Billing Contact or Business Officer, update FIS codes, show your clients' ITS Private Cloud Cost Trend and download your bills for your records. Each invoice or debit memo will provide a detailed breakdown of the services used and the corresponding charges.

How can I add or update my Billing Contact or Business Officer?

Please contact us at with the request to update your client’s contact.

What happens if the FIS codes fail during processing?

Do not worry. The fantastic ITS Business Operations & Administration (BOA) will reach out to the Billing Contact or Business Officer requesting a new set of codes.

Need help understanding your bill?

Please refer to the following page or contact us at

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