ISO Images

Please note: to ensure the execution of the vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and to offer High Availability (HA) for your Virtual Machine, it may be necessary to automatically unmount ISO images from your VMs.

If an ISO image is still needed by VM, the ISO can be (re)attached using either of the following methods:

What is VMware DRS?

VMware DRS dynamically balances computing capacity across a collection of hardware resources aggregated into logical resource pools, continuously monitoring utilization across resource pools and intelligently allocating available resources among the virtual machines based on pre-defined rules that reflect business needs and changing priorities. When a virtualmachine experiences an increased load, VMware DRS automatically allocates additional resources by redistributing virtual machines among the physical servers in the resource pool.

VMware DRS allows IT organizations to:

  • Prioritize resources to the highest value applications in order to align resources with business goals

  • Optimize hardware utilization automatically and continuously to respond to changing conditions

  • Provide dedicated resources to business units while still profiting from higher hardware utilization through resource pooling

  • Conduct zero-downtime server maintenance


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