Adding disk to VM using vss cli

(Optional) Depending on a setup/installation, we might want to activate a specific virtual environment:

. ~/venvs/vsscliENV4/bin/activate

Search for VM uuid by name:

(vsscliENV)$ vss-cli compute vm ls -f name casx2
uuid                                  name
------------------------------------  ------------------
<uuid>								  1306P-arborexcasx2

Get the current disks:

$ vss-cli compute vm get <uuid-or-vmname>	

Uuid                : <uuid>	
Label               : Hard disk 1         
Capacity Gb         : 300                 
Label               : Hard disk 2         
Capacity Gb         : 3

Add 10GB disk

 $ vss compute vm set <name-or-vm-id> disk mk --capacity 10

For more information, please refer to Manage Virtual Disks from the VSS CLI official documentation site.

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