What can I do with the ITS Private Cloud REST API?

Allows you to manage Virtual Machines and resources hosted in the ITS Private Cloud in a simple, programatic manner using HTTP requests. The endpoints are intuitive, self descriptive and powerful, allowing you to make calls to retrieve information such as object properties, performance metrics or even to execute actions.

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VSS Command Line interface

The VSS CLI is a unified interface to manage your ITS Private Cloud services. It simplifies the interaction with the ITS Private Cloud RESTful API to manage your virtual machines. It's available to download in PyPI and package docs can be found here. Just pip install vss-cli and vss configure mk to get started. Alternatively,  you can try out VSS CLI  by using SSH to login to with your VSKEY userid and password or the web interface

Try out the REST API

The following documentation interface provides you with ITS Private Cloud RESTful API endpoint requirements, sample JSON, request and payload parameters, and example of response messages and possible errors. Just click on the HTTP verb for the resource you would like to explore.


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