Getting Started Guide


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In order to access the ITS Private Cloud environment for the first time, please follow this guide:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Initialize your VSKEY account (steps here).

  2. Review and Install and configure the VSS VPN client. (steps here).

  3. (optional) Try the introductory micro-course "Managing Virtual Machines on the ITS Private Cloud".

  4. Visit and click on the button to request a new virtual machine (VSKEY authentication required).

    1. Fill out the Virtual Machine (VM) specification as required.

    2. If you do not have any network requirements, select VSS-PUBLIC** or VSS-CGN** in the network tab to have an IP address allocated to your VM. The new IP address will be fixed (static) via DHCP. 

  5. Connect to your VM using one of:

    1. The Console Button on the  icon via the VSS Portal

    2. The vSphere Client at


**VSS-PUBLIC: Offers internet publicly available IPv4 address.

**VSS-CGN: Offers IPv4 addresses accessible via UofT IP addresses on-campus or via the institutional VPN service

Learning Centre

New:  "Quick Start" videos for VM management:

A basic summary of most of the VSS URLs is available here.



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