Docker image based on the official Python distro on Alpine Linux, and VSS-CLI.


If you do not have a Python setup you can try using vss-cli via a container using Docker.

docker run uofteis/vss-cli

docker/docker-vss-cli is a helpful script to run the vss-cli within a docker container. Just download the file and update the environment variables if required, give execution permission and move the file to your $PATH:

# U of T
curl > vss-cli
chmod +x vss-cli

# Public
curl > vss-cli
chmod +x vss-cli

The following example shows how to pass environment variables for pre-configuration:

  • VSS_TOKEN: Already generated and valid access token.

  • VSS_USER: Username to access the API and other related services. (optional)

  • VSS_USER_PASS: Username password. (optional)

  • VSS_OUTPUT: CLI default output. Either yaml, json or table. (optional)

  • VSS_ENDPOINT: API endpoint. (optional)

export VSS_TOKEN=<long-string>
vss-cli configure ls

ENDPOINT                           USER    PASS      TOKEN                    SOURCE
---------------------------------  ------  --------  -----------------------  -----------                    eyJhbGciOi..._CZuStX4WE  env

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