How To connect and disconnect Virtual Machine network adapters

 Instructions using the Portal

  1. Login to

  2. Look for the VM to Edit and click the  button.

  3. From the VM card, click on the NETWORKS tab.

  4. Use the toggle to Connect (Up) and Disconnect (Down):

  5. Click on UPDATE to and confirm the changes.

 Instructions using the vss-cli

Using or a local VSS CLI install

  1. Update the network adapter as follows:

    vss-cli --wait compute vm set {id-or-name} nic up --state {connect|disconnect} {unit}
  2. For example, disconnecting NIC 1:

    vss-cli --wait compute vm set 2311P-VM-1 nic up --state disconnect 1

More information about Managing Networks and NICs with the vss-cli:

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