Cannot connect to vCenter via the vSphere web/windows client


On Windows, error messages like "Unable to connect to the remote server" or "Could not connect to" from the vSphere client and "This page can't be displayed" from the vSphere web client.


Run OpenVPN as Administrator.

Administrator privileges are necessary for setting the network routes that send VM-related traffic through the VSS-VPN tunnel.

To run OpenVPN as Administrator:

  1. Right click on the OpenVPN icon and select "Run as administrator".

  2. Right click on the OpenVPN icon located in the task bar and click Connect.

  3. Authenticate using your VSKEY username and password.

See also these Windows-related OpenVPN links, courtesy of UTORvpn

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, please re-install OpenVPN using the following guide Install and configure VSS-VPN

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