Virtual Machine Templates

This guideline outlines the importance of properly preparing virtual machines (VMs) as templates in the ITS Private Cloud. Specifically, it emphasizes the necessity of removing virtual machine network adapters and unmounting ISO images from virtual CD/DVD devices to avoid common issues, such as the one described in VMware KB 82566.

Removing Virtual Machine Network Adapters

VM network adapters carry configuration settings that are often unique to the host network environment. Leaving them attached to a VM template can lead to misconfigurations and network-related issues when the template is marked as a VM after long time.

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Unmounting Floppy/ISO Images from Virtual CD/DVD Devices

Removable devices such as Virtual CD/DVD and Floppy devices in VMs are often used for installing drivers or updating software. Leaving Floppy or ISO images mounted can lead into operational delays when performing maintenance.


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